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    Name: Outdoor simulation elderly Kwai
    Material: Advance Fiberglass + Light Steel
    Applications: hotels, parks, commercial streets, squares, river, railway stations, auditorium, entertainment, ecological garden, community garden, exhibition halls, supermarkets, office, home and other occasions, landscaping, and enduring.

    Product features:

    Affected by the environment, long-term use, long life. Public places now, most of the office air conditioning, indoor lighting is often inadequate, so kind of a plant is not an easy thing in the room, but the simulation plant can easily achieve this goal, simulation plants bright colors and fixed appearance after years of constant, such as a Four Seasons, not like planting flowers decline dry.

    Second, easy to maintain. Simulation foliage does not mildew, rot, no watering, no problem of mosquitoes; simulation flowers do not need artificial cultivation, eliminating the need for watering, pruning, the rule of insects and other trouble; artificial plants do not have to carry out photosynthesis, more children the side effects of eating wounding, which is very suitable for home child elderly couples work family;

    Third, plasticity, materials and environmental protection. The main raw material: plastic products, raw silk, PU, unsaturated resin, in addition to used metal rods, PVC hose, fresh plants, these materials are pollution or contamination is very small. Large due to the elasticity of the material with a special height, the shape of the model, and Paul evergreen, breaking the limitations of the genuine production skills is very delicate, refined, realistic.

    Fourth, at affordable prices. High-quality materials. Plant simulation price is not high, and some also much lower than real flowers, grass, convenient transportation, handling easy.

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