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  • Merry go round, amusement rides, carousels DWP176A
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  •  Merry go round, amusement rides, carousels DWP176A
    1.Capacity: 24 seats
    2.Dameter: 660*600cm
    3.Suit for park, shool,community

    1.Column: With Ø114mm stand column with thickness of 2.2mm  galvanized steel tubes or steel tubes.

    2. Plastic parts:  Imported Samsung LLDPE special plastic by microcomputer control of four stations roll-plastic equipment, rolled into equilibrium, high strength, sound thickness.  rotational mould, anti-UV, anti-static, anti-crack

    3.Rope net: The rope net used all the sailing Marine mooring cord by chinese-foreign joint venture producing, chrome steel core for outer coat hose, then with nylon ropes, intensity, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, safety performance is good, safe use of reach more than 15 years, welded by the industrial robot, strong and smooth All the screws are stainless steel 316.

    4. Screw:   All the screws are No. 304 stainless stee.

    5. Packing:Use  the  painting  flow  line  machine, well-mixed

    6.Deck:Use  the  automatic  punching  machines, skid-proof, water-proof

    7.Usage: Residential zones,  supermarkets,  education organizations  and  etc  Merry go round


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    jumping, merry-go-round, electric trains, recreation and sports equipment, fitness facilities, swing combination,

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